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May 18, 2020 - Music On The Couch
Vinni Marini interviews Paul Urban on his show Music On The Couch
November 2018 - The Beachside Resident
'Tidewater Blues' album reviewed by Dr. Joseph G. Smith
Legendary Blues Guitar Maestro Paul Urban does it again on his latest barn-burner “Tidewater Blues.” Having put in decades paying the cost to be the boss, this hoodoo man tears the frets off of the axe from the Barrelhouse to Beale Street. The Urban Blues Band on this CD has a 4-man lineup featuring Julian Burrell thumping the killing floor on Bass, Tyler Bevington tickling the ivories, and Dwight Epps banging the skins. And of course Mr. Paul Urban like a steel-driving man on guitar and vocals. If you think the thrill is gone, pop this baby in and you will be a lemon-squeezin’ daddy in no time. On the cut Down, he laments “when you push your soul, in a deep dark hole, the light don’t shine, inside your mind”...that’s some deep stuff there way down low country. In Hurricane Woman, he isn’t singing about the latest blast from Florence or Michael, but about a female that be done put a mojo on yo ass. In Cant’ Do This he tells about a woman who is out there being a backdoor Santa to everybody but him. Sounds like it might be time to break out the black cat bone for her. He knows he aint fattenin’ no more frogs for snakes. In Jessie, he pays tribute to a close friend Jessica Lauren Hiltable with a blistering instrumental lamenting a friend taken from Earth long before her time. Julian’s Jam is another instrumental that flows like bootleg liquor in a juke joint from Hialeah to Highway 51. He slows it down in See My Tears singing about how he has put that old garbage out . In Tears In The Ocean he once again lets his guitar prowess shine as he plays like he has 10 fingers on each hand. Paul counts among his influences Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson 2, Duane Allman, Johnny Winter, and Jeff Beck. So if that sounds like your kind of Blues and I know it does, you will wanna run out and get the CD at

Review by Dr. Joseph G. Smith
AKA Fursey O’veebee

May 10, 2018 - Daily Press
Paul Urban sings 'Tidewater Blues' with new CD
March 28, 2018 - Hampton Roads Show
Paul Urban & Friends perform on local TV channel WAVY 10
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